Apply GIMP manipulations to groups of images.

Addicted to GIMP?

With BIMP you can apply a set of manipulations to an entire group of images! It provides an easy to use interface and a lot of batch functions:

v2.6 - Read the changelog
Warning! Starting from v2.0, BIMP is no more compatible with GIMP 2.8 and older.
If you need it, you can still use version 1.18

Brief documentation

Follow the general instructions to install a plugin on GIMP. You will find "Batch Image Manipulation..." inside the "File" menu.

The main view: the upper bar contains the list of the choosen manipulations, the white box contains your image files.
You can customize each manipulation step.
You can have a preview of the results for each image (btw that's me with my improvised jazz band).
Can't find what you are looking for? Try 'Another GIMP procedure...', you will find all the supported plugins installed on your toolbox.

Translate BIMP into your language

BIMP can be easily translated using the "gettext" method. Those who are already familiar with this system can find some template files (with .po extension) into the ./bin/win32/bimp-locale folder. If you want to translate BIMP but do not know how, just send me an email.
Let's make it speak Powhatan!

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