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Morphological Operators

A set of morphological operators for GIMP

An extension to the default set of morphological operators for GIMP: erosion, dilation, opening, closing, boundary extraction, gradient, hit-or-miss, thickening, thinning, skelethonization, white and black top-hat.
Additionally, this plugin lets you define a custom structuring element for operations. The plugin is tested to work on GIMP starting from version 2.6.

Current version: 1.0


Erosion: brighter areas shrink in size and darker spots within those areas become larger
Dilation: dual of erosion, it enlarges the boundaries of brighter regions.
Opening and Closing: less destructive erosion and dilation.
Boundary extraction
Skeletonization: creates a topological skeleton of the image.
Hit-or-Miss's family tools, with thickening and thinning.
Black and White Top-Hat: operations that extract small details from the image.

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