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Batch Image Manipulation Plugin for GIMP.

Use BIMP to apply a set of GIMP manipulations to groups of images. It provides an easy to use interface and a lot of functions! The plugin is tested to work on GIMP starting from version 2.6.

Current version: 1.11
Open changelog
Version 1.11:
- Added Czech translation (thanks to Stanislav Vágner)
- JPEG DCT settings was wrong (issue #64)
- Resize interpolation was not saved during "Save set" process (issue #63)

Version 1.10:
- Changed the behaviour of the new "current source folder as output destination" button. Now it takes the location of the current selected file as the output folder.

Version 1.9:
- Added watermark alignment buttons for top-center, center-left, center-right, bottom-center (thanks to @Walt9Z)
- It's now possible to resize both dimension but keeping the aspect ratio. In this case, the pixel width/height are treated as maximum sizes for the resulting image. (issue #25) (thanks to @Walt9Z)
- Resize and Crop manipulations are now treated as "normal priority" steps. Previously they started first, now they follow the original order given by the user in the GUI (issue #53)
- It's now possible to select the current source folder as the output destination (only if every input file is located in it)
- Added "tall" smartphone screen Crop preset (for devices like iPhone 5+)
- JPEG subsampling settings was wrong (issue #52)
- Updated Italian translation

Version 1.8:
- Unrecognized capital file extensions on Unix

Version 1.7:
- Replaced buggy GtkFileChooserButton with GtkButton to select output folder (should be the end of the nightmare)
- Changed overwrite confirmation and moved image modifications after overwriting check (thanks to Thomas Mevel)
- Updated Italian translation

Version 1.6:
- Curve parser can't load some kinds of GIMP Curve file (issue #46)

Version 1.5:
- Added external Curve file chooser in Color manipulation (issue #46)
- Preview GUI didn't display Resize, Crop and Watermark manipulation results
- Manipulation windows have now better size (should fix issue #24)

Version 1.4:
- Fixed a bug that displayed (none) in output folder button and caused BIMP to crash
- Fixed a compilation error under Unix
- Some little optimizations in batch process

Version 1.3:
- Changed the way the FileChooser lets you pick image files and folders (should solve issues like empty list when selecting images)
- Enabled multiple selection in the input files panel

Brief documentation

Install the binaries into the plugin's folder. Then open BIMP from the File menu.
Select the desired manipulations by clicking on 'Add' in the upper bar, then choose your files in the lower area.
Each manipulation can be customized
You can see a preview of the results by clicking on the Preview button
Can't find what you are looking for? Try the 'Another GIMP procedure...' box! You will find all the supported plugins installed on your machine.

Translate BIMP into your language

BIMP can be easily translated using the "gettext" method. Those who are already familiar with this system can find some template files (with .po extension) into the ./bin/win32/bimp-locale folder. If you want to translate BIMP but do not know how, just send me an email.
Let's make BIMP speak Powhatan!

Alternatives to BIMP

Batch Image Manipulation Plugin is not the only on Earth. There is another graphic batch solution developed years ago, and it's called DBP (David's Batch Processor). It works good, with different features compared to mine.

Consider donating

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