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Hello! My name is Alessandro, I'm years old and I live in a beautiful place, in a beautiful but sometimes mismanaged country called Italy.

I'm a computer scientist. Well, more than that... but it's the first thing I say when someone asks me what do you do in your life? And yes, it's a very tricky question.
I can tell you that my works and studies in front of a PC started in High School years, when my first masterpiece took life: an ugly and totally HTML-invalid website for a school project!
From this, I acquired different knowledges thanks to well prepared professors and also a pinch of personal curiosity.

After High School, I achieved an highly desired Computer Science Degree at University of Ferrara in 2011, then I decided to continue this journey, aiming to a Master Degree at University of Bologna.
My interests are covering the multimedia side of the Computer Science: images manipulation and computer vision techniques, web applications and how people interact with them are the cause of my sleepless nights in front of a monitor.

In 2013, I started a team project called SuperStereo, an experiment that gives "depth" to images taken with a mobile phone, give it a try!
Apart from personal works, I'm currently a software developer at NSI - Nier Soluzioni Informatiche in Bologna, here we develop business-to-business solutions and, also, mobile games!
Earlier, in 2011, I had the fortune to collaborate in a beautiful workplace called intelliWARE, in Ferrara. Those guys are very close to the world of disability assistance and I gave them a hand in the development of an unique software called MisterBliss.

I've been also a Computer Science tutor, a graphic designer and a web engineer... but I think that geeky words can stop here in favor of a cute list of what technologies I like to use much and, if you are really really curious, my complete résumé.

C and C++
C was the first language I learned that continues to make me stay up all night...
The second language I learned, highly exploited for MisterBliss
I mainly use C# when writing some .NET applications
Windows Phone SDK
I create apps for Windows Phone 7 and 8
Android SDK
Javallax is my first attempt to play with some HTML 5 technologies
Wordpress/Drupal Theming
I have knownedge of Wordpress and Drupal theme development (see my Websites section)
PHP remains my first choice when developing a dynamic website
Need a database?
I'll do it in MySQL!
Facebook Developers
I play with FB SDK for different mobile platforms
The GIMP and GIMP Dev
I've always used GIMP, then I started to write some plugins for it
GTK+ is the first choice when I need to build a cross-platform GUI
It opened the doors for me to the world of Computer Vision
Weka Data Mining Software
I used Weka on a University project for the Nokia Mobile Data Challenge 2012
Wolfram Mathematica
I integrate Parse solutions for mobile connectivity
No matter the technology, I'm always curious about new languages and tools!

Here is also a list of conferences I've attended to:

When I'm not in front of a PC I can't forget some beer with friends, few laps in the swimming pool and noisy piano sessions.
I listen to a lot of electronic music, from Daft Punk to Moby, Planet Funk, Hurts, Example but also Zucchero Fornaciari, Robbie Williams, Elio e Le Storie Tese.

I've an almost complete collection of Dylan Dog comics, but I always try to read more... "bigger books" like swedish thrillers. As a geek, I must quote Back to the Future as the best movie of all time.

I love traveling, with my girlfriend, my parents or groups of friends, and I'm planning to continue until I'm tired and without money. I've been to Britain, Scotland, France, Spain, United States, Canada, Iceland and probably to the best country in the world... Germany!
Here is a list of the most important projects I've worked on so far. The ones with the symbol have been started in a University context, invented by me or colleagues or commissioned by professors.
Please note that some of them are only shown and can't be downloaded due to a very limited support from the author(s).
SuperStereo (master's degree thesis) University project
SuperStereo is the Android and Windows Phone app that lets you capture and see 3D pictures, without using special glasses but just your smartphone!
Spinozapp is an unofficial app dedicated to the italian website Spinoza.it. Available for Windows Phone and Windows 8
UpMap is the high-flying quiz game! Will you guess these famous landmarks from up here? Available for Android and Windows Phone
Morphological Operators for GIMP University project
A set of morphological operators for GIMP like erosion, dilation, opening, hit-or-miss and more.
Carwin University project
A self-driving car implemented with neural networks and genetic algorithms.
Batch Image Manipulation Plugin for GIMP
With BIMP for GIMP you can apply the same manipulations to groups of images.
Anaglyph Generator University project
Mathematica package to generate anaglyph images.
ARG! Automatic Rapid Gallery!
jQuery plugin that creates galleries from multiple image folders.
TamTam Online
Online-reading platform for Italian Leo Clubs Magazine.
MisterBliss (degree thesis) University project
A Blissymbolics word-processor.
EventLook University project
Search Facebook events in your geographical area.
Graphics and Websites
A showcase of my works on graphic material and websites